• "Begin with the end in mind"
  • An end to end tool, to help you organize budget and forecast, thereby managing sales strategy, Growth and achievement.

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Enterprise Sales Planner

Optimizing the Business Efficiency …
A integrated solution for tracking, monitoring and controlling sales activities to achieve set target and business growth.

This tool helps in better sales & opex budgeting to define level of growth,having worldwide adopted methods & procedures for better forecasting and, gives better insight in sales funnel.
  •  Sales Budget - Yearly Sales Estimation
  •  Opex Budget - Yearly Expenses Estimation
  •    Forecast - Monthly Forecasting
  •   Actual Sales - Daily Sales MIS
Sales Budget
  • Region wise budget
  • Budget for next N no. of years
  • Historical data analysis
  • Bottom up approach
  • Validating budget
  • Detail reports
Opex Budget
  • Operational expenditure budgeting
  • Budget for next N years
  • Category wise expenses budget
  • Budget approval
  • Freeze opex budget
  • Access rights wise reports
  • Month wise cluster wise
  • Standard Methods
  • Assumption & Impact based
  • Define Probability %
  • Validate forecast
  • Error analysis and other reports
Actual Sales
  • Sales analysis
  • Achievement
  • Sales Comparison
  • Alerts & Intimations
  • Daily SMS/Emails
  • On demand SMS
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